Translation Center

Translation Center



With its successful experience in Africa and Middle East and in the Indian Ocean, AIO Development launched in 2012 its translation activity and formatting of documents.


Our translation services vary from simple document translations to business interpreting.


We provide a full range of business services including professional translation, website translation and training material translation to worldwide organisations.


With our competitive translation rates, our qualified and experienced translators, interpreters and proof-readers, we are able to provide quick and accurate service to our clients.


We go beyond your expectations whilst guaranteeing a professional translation service that will meet your satisfaction.





AIO translators / revisers have translation qualifications and work only into their native language and within their areas of specialization.
They will check your translations very carefully before delivery. Meticulous checks are made of the grammar, spelling, terminology, compliance with glossaries and style in order to meet your requirements as fully as possible. Quality control is focused on four main areas:


  • Checks of fluency, accuracy, comprehension of the subject area of the translation;
  • Checks of intra- and intertextual terminology, standardization of vocabulary, compliance with glossaries and translation memories;
  • Checks of references and spelling;
  • Checks that the layout matches the original (in accordance with your requirements and if the format of the source document allows it).


The translators / revisers will ensure uniformity of vocabulary across all your projects. They have specialized translation reference works enabling them to provide very rapid answers to any linguistic queries you may have.







Faithfulness to the meaning of the source text:


Faithfulness to the meaning is expressed on three levels:


  • Linguistic:
    Making sure that the original message is translated fully and scrupulously.
  • Terminological:
    Guaranteeing that the terminology used is appropriate to the activity concerned.
  • Technical:
    Reflecting a genuine understanding of the product or subject.


We believe that any distortion of the meaning of the source text will have a direct impact on the reader or even on the proper use or understanding of a product or subject. We therefore consider it to be a serious error. 


  • Application of grammatical rules:
    A proper understanding of the text depends on appropriate application of grammatical rules. Our translators and revisers pay close attention to these rules. 
  • Readability:
    By readability we mean the presentation of the text, which is an important factor. Any alteration to the form of the text may make it uncomfortable to read. However, since most translators translate by typing over the source text, whenever possible, it is quite unusual to encounter any real alteration to the form of the text. The layout is usuallymaintained automatically. The reviser ensures in all cases that the presentation of the target text matches the presentation of the source text.





Whatever the field, we can provide your translations


Marketing - Legal - Financial - Technical - Thanks to its highly developed network of translators, AIO always has the right solution or person for your project.


TECHNICAL(Mechanical, Electrical, Lifting, Non Destructing Testing, BPT, HEALTH AND SAFETY, CONSTRUCTION INFRASTRUCTURE etc.):



MARKETING (advertising, tourism, culture, etc.):






FINANCIAL(balance sheets, financial press releases, etc.):



They all entrust us with their translations.
AIO provides you with the best possible service, because a satisfied client is a faithful client. Major companies entrust their translation projects to us.


They all entrust us with their translations.
AIO provides you with the best possible service, because a satisfied client is a faithful client. Major companies entrust their translation projects to us.





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